XTC is a 3D modeler project, in order to help graphicians to create 3D scenes destinated to be rendered using POV-Ray 3.1. The idea and original concept had been designed by Nicolas Picon and Laurent Berta during the 1999 summer. Benoit Nesme and Nelly Marteau joined the team since september 1999 to realise a efficient version of the modeler.

No release of XTC can be downloaded now, because the team is working hard to code and debug for the first official release. The release 1.0 of XTC should be downloadable about the begining of April. We will not have tested it enough to say it will work perfectly.

For now you can write an e-mail to the members of the XTC 1.0 team, we will try to reply as fast as possible. Note that we will search for beta testers, so if you want to help us this way, don't hesitate to write an e-mail. To write to one member, click the e-mail address.

Name (nick)
Job for the XTC project
Nicolas Picon (_DEUS_) Full texture editor
- Interface
- Structure of data
- Textures POV script generation...

Laurent Berta (terbac_) Sctructure of data of the scene
- Objects, lights and camera
- .XTC file format
- Scene POV script generation...
Benoit Nesme (FusiuM) Graphical object edition
- MFC 2D views
- OpenGL preview
- Integration
Nelly Marteau (T-Kila) Main interface
- Main window
- Object panels

As XTC is not yet disposable for download, you should see one or two interesting sites, in relation or not with POV-Ray or 3D modeling:

The official POV-Ray web site - free download, galleries, documentation, support...
Moray web site - the more used and powerful 3D modeler designed for POV-Ray 3.1
terbac_'s demogroup - demomaking for fun, nothing else !